Nick Torretta



Nick Torretta is a Seattle based professional composer.  His work has been featured in internationally broadcast commercials and television shows, video games, films and art installations.

After learning both piano and saxophone in high school, he attended the University of Washington where he majored in Jazz Studies and studied composition privately with Dr. Brian Cobb.

Shortly after graduation, Nick founded Elastic Music after deciding to pursue composition as a career, and has been writing music for a living ever since.

In addition to composing, Nick is a regular performer as well as a private woodwinds teacher and clinician.  His saxophone playing can be heard on many recordings, including playing with bossa nova group Passarim on an internationally released Starbucks CD "In A Bossa Nova Mood", which rose to #1 on the Billboard Jazz charts.  

Don't hesitate to introduce yourself, say hello and see what exciting collaborations can be established.  Nick is always ready to tackle new projects and meet new people.



"Nick is an immensely talented composer. His ability to write for the orchestra is a talent given to few people. He writes beautiful music that is filled with depth and honesty."

-Thad Spencer, Composer, Creative Director for Asche and Spencer.

"Thanks again for the great work - the client loved it, and you nailed the creative direction. Looking forward to creating more projects together."

-Diego Torroija, Director, Cinematographer

"I created a comedy show in which the principal character plays the straight man and the comedic character is the music. Therefore the music is a massively integral part of the show. I was anxious about working with a composer, as I know nothing about music or how to precisely articulate what I was looking for. Nick was extremely patient at explaining the process and whats what.  He produced incredible original work which serves the spirit of my show very well. He was super fast and I could not recommend him highly enough!"

-Mhairi Morrison - Actress, Producer, Director

"Greenlight Games Ltd has been working with Nick for quite a few months now and he's an amazing composer...If you need professional music in a quick time frame, Nick's your man.  We're really enjoying working with Elastic Music and can't wait to see what else they whip up!"

-Dean Day, Founder and Managing Director for Greenlight Games, Ltd

"I recently had the chance to work with Nick on an animation piece for Art With Heart. They are an organization that uses art therapy to help children in crisis. They needed a video that communicated who they are, what they do and who they help. We created an animation of a young girl in crisis who travels from a dark and scary place to a light place full of illustration, color and ways for her to express herself. We needed a music track that would do this story justice. It needed to move from an ominous world to a bright and hopeful world. It needed to feel playful and invoke a sense of wonder. Nick delivered on all of these points. The music he wrote takes the viewer on the little girl's journey and beautifully accents the animation by providing sounds that relate to actions on screen while still tying into the music. We were very impressed with his speed and professionalism. He was receptive to client requests and accommodating. He had a great excitement for the project and was a joy to work with. We will definitely be keeping him in mind for future work."

-Hayden S., Senior Designer at Hornall Anderson