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Nick Torretta is a Seattle based composer, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. He has been writing music for media for over a decade, and his work has been featured in major Hollywood motion pictures, internationally acclaimed video games and commercials broadcast worldwide.

Upon graduation from the University of Washington with a degree in jazz performance, Nick founded a music production company and immediately began working with some of the area’s largest clients including Boeing, Hornall Anderson and Teague. This allowed Nick to collaborate with companies such as Ocean Spray, Alaska Airlines, Chase, Golden State Warriors, and many more to create unforgettable music for their projects.

Not long after, Nick was lucky enough to start scoring video games and currently has scored eight title. Among those are two games that have scored on Apple’s “New Games We Love” list, and more that have gone on to become some of the App store’s best sellers.

Nick’s music is also featured in a large number of internationally televised shows and commercials, including New Family Feud, Misfit Garage, Leah Remini: It’s All Relative and many more.

In addition to composing, Nick is an in demand saxophonist and bandleader. He performs regularly with bossa nova group Passarim, as well as his own group The West Coast Collective, performing the classic cool jazz of the 1950's and his own compositions.

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“Nick is an immensely talented composer. His ability to write for the orchestra is a talent given to few people. He writes beautiful music that is filled with depth and honesty.”

- Thad Spencer, Composer and Co-Founder of Asche and Spencer

“Thanks again for the great work the client loves it, and you nailed the creative direction. Looking forward to create more projects together.”

- Diego Torroija, Cinematographer

“I created a comedy show in which the principal character plays the straight man and the comedic character is the music. Therefore the music is a massively integral part of the show. I was anxious about working with a composer, as I know nothing about music or how to precisely articulate what I was looking for. Nick was extremely patient at explaining the process and whats what.  He produced incredible original work which serves the spirit of my show very well. He was super fast and I could not recommend him highly enough!”

- Mhairi Morrison, Actress, Filmmaker, creator of “Feathers and Toast”